11 Décembre: Winter

11 Décembre: Winter

I wake up in the afternoon
Clocks gone wrong, It’s gonna happen soon
Clouds floating in reverse
You call me from the shore, I want more

The fog horn blows, I can hear it too
Your words are sweets,
all different shades of blue
You say my letters are too long
You never listen to my songs or sing along, yeah

I cannot let you out
What if I keep on trying to live without?
It’s getting harder to say
Your tender eye slowly fades away

Suddenly it feels cold (I don’t know why)
I think I’m getting old (I don’t know why)
Because I want it all too soon (I don’t know why)
I guess we’re losing it (I don’t know)

I don’t know why
I see sparkles

Rhesus – Afternoon